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Finder Does Not Load on Squarespace Site

Some Squarespace themes have a feature called "ajax loading".  If you have this, then Prolo fails to load the first time you visit the page but then appears if you refresh it.

There are two options for working around this.

1. Disable Squarespace ajax loading

  1. Sign into your Squarespace account
  2. In the Home Menu, click Design, and then click Site Styles.
  3. Scroll down to Site: Loading.
  4. Uncheck Enable Ajax Loading.

Here's more information about Squarespace ajax loading.

2. Use Squarespace code injection

To use this you'll need you need to slightly modify you're Prolofinder embed code.  Typically you're embed code looks like this:
<div id="ProloFinder"></div><script src=""></script>
You'll need to separate this and put the first part on the page you expect the map to show up and the second part in the Code Injection section.  Here are the details steps:
  1. Take the last part of the embed code from <script onward eg: <script src=""></script>
  2. In the Home Menu, click Settings, click Advanced, and then click Code Injection
  3. Paste the script part of the code in the Footer and Save
  4. Take the first part of embed code: <div id="ProloFinder"></div>
  5. Put that in the page you want the map to show up.  This is the same as before but make sure the script part is not included on that page.
Here's a video showing how to do this.

Please note that Code Injection is a premium feature only not available in all Squarespace plans.  At the time I created this article only the Business and Commerce plans allow for this feature.  Here's Squarespace's documentation about it.

If something does not work, then you can contact us and we'll fix any issues you're having.

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