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How does Prolo work?

It’s simple, straightforward and dare we say, fun to use Prolo. After creating your account, start adding the retailers that sell your products. There’s no need to type, or even know, a retailers’ entire address. Who has time for that? Just enter their name (e.g. Whole Foods Market) and their general location (e.g. Union Square New York). Prolo will return all the retailers that match and present them to you. All you need to do now is click the one you want.

Once you’ve added your retailers, it’s time to add Prolo to your site. Grab our embed code, and add it to the HTML of the page where you would like Prolo to appear on your site. Keep in mind, you only need to add Prolo to your site once. Any time you add more retailers Prolo will stay instantly up to date.

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