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How much does Prolo cost?

Prolo starts at $20/mo. All plans have the same fantastic features and start off with a free 15-day trial.

The plans are:

500 locations
2,000 map loads / month
$20 / month
1,000 locations
5,000 map loads / month
$40 / month

5,000 locations
10,000 map loads / month
$80 / month
We are happy to provide custom pricing and can easily accommodate customers who don't fit into our typical plans.

You also have the option of having metered billing for additional map loads.  This costs $0.01/map load.  So if you have a spike of 100 extra map loads one month, then it would cost an extra $1.  

What is a map load?

A map load occurs every time a web page containing your Prolo finder loads. The more traffic your site gets per month, the larger the plan you will need. If you use tracking software such as Google Analytics, that is a great way to determine which plan you will need. If you don't, that's ok. We'll track usage and display it within your dashboard.  Often times, people overestimate this number.  Please keep in mind that map load only count when your map is loaded, not other pages on your site.  For example, if you get 10,000 page views in Google Analytics on your homepage, you may only get 500 to your store locator page and thus 500 map loads.

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