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Add Prolo to a Weebly Site

If you one of the many people that use Weebly to build and maintain your website, follow the steps below and you'll have your Prolo Finder up and running in no time.

  1. Add locations to your Prolo Finder (Prolo account required)
  2. (In the Prolo dashboard) Click the "Set Up" tab and copy the Prolo embed code to your clipboard
  3. Log into your Weebly account & click the BUILD tab in the top menu
  4. Select the page on which you would like to add your Prolo Finder
  5. From the options on the left, drag a "Embed Code - < / >" block onto your page
  6. Click the "Click to set custom HTML" and paste the Prolo embed code
  7. Click outside of the embed box and your Prolo store finder will load 
  8. Publish your page to see your new Prolo store locator in action
Here are some screen shots to help you along the way:

Copy Prolo Embed Code (RE: step 2)

Drag an Embed Code Block to your Weebly page (RE: step 5)

Set Custom HTML (RE: step 6)

Paste the Prolo Embed Code (RE: step 6)

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